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Virtual Passport Program 

 “The Business Bundle!”

The Way We Do Business Has Shifted to Click & Order 


Digital connections has never been easier!

With the click of a button the Meta verse opens up. 


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The 9 App Social Media Tour

Explore and leverage:

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Clubhouse, and Wisdom.

Boost your network and monetize online. Engagement is key—more interactions mean more visibility.

Create space for love, comments, and shares on these 9 social media platforms. Encourage others to share their posts, products, and missions in the comments.



Get your Business Name,
QR Code, and Wisdom Bomb Testimony featured
in our first E-Book!
Join  Entrepreneur's Shining The Light 
"United We Grow Our Online
Communities in Love, Unity & Money."

The Online Business Directory

Showcase your business:
  • Gain visibility and voice
  • Amplify your message with a 5-minute podcast announcement
  • Include a business description
  • Access a Virtual Passport with all your links: Website, Social Media, Email, Videos, Calendar, Payment Options, Events, etc.



Virtual Passport Card

Effortless Networking:
  • Share your Name and Business with one click on your personal landing page
  • Showcase Website, Email, Pictures, and Video Links
  • Ensure consistent connection with your network
  • Engage and expand on The 9 App Social Media Tour across various platforms
  • Book appointments effortlessly through your booking app
  • Customized QR code on your picture and Virtual Passport card for easy access
  • Professional presentation of yourself and your business without the need for paper business cards.



Salonna Rich Unites


Elevate Your Message:

  • Feature on The Salonna Rich Unites Show
  • Receive a 5-minute spotlight on you and your business
  • Podcast recorded with 5 panelists
  • Transforming social media algorithms for widespread impact
  • Global reach to 93 countries with our broadband platform
  • Receive a Digital Announcement Flyer with QR Code 
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A Short Promotional Video


  • Producing affordable
  • Broadcast
  • Social Media
  • Internal Use 
  • Visual is Valuable
  • Video Influences Decisions
  • Video Boost Sells
  • Social Media Loves Video
  • Video Increases Email Open Rates
  • Video Is King!

Customized Digital Flyer

Introducing The Podcast: Uniting influential entrepreneurs through visuals and QR codes from each episode. Your message holds power and prosperity—share the wealth! #SharingIsCaring

Your Virtual Passport

Gives You Access to Expand Your
Network Growing Your Networth!!
It's a Badge of Honor, affirming your commitment to business growth and connection with a powerful network. Receive a Digital Virtual Passport featuring your picture and QR code for your Rich Digital Card.


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