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Virtual Passport Program 

 “The Business Bundle!”

The Way We Do Business Has Shifted to Click & Order 


Digital connections has never been easier!

With the click of a button the Meta verse opens up. 


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The 9 App Social Media Tour


Facebook, YouTube, Instagram,

Twitter, LinkedIn,

Snapchat, Tic Tok, Clubhouse & the Wisdom app. 

Grow your network & monetize online. 

Engagement is a life line to your post.

When people engage to your post the more people 

Everyone has space to chime in love,

comment & share the post on 9 social media apps 

To also share their post, products and mission.

On each plateform & in the comment section


Business Name,

QR Code &

Wisdom Bomb  

Featured in My 1st E-Book!!!!

Salonna Rich with

The Evolving Entrepreneur’s

”United We Grow

Our Numbers”

The Online Business Directory

 Highlighting your business

 Be seen & heard

Amplifying your message about your business. 

With a 5 minute announcement on the podcast , 

A business description 

A Button to Virtual Passport with All of your links

Website, Social media, E-mail, Videos, Calender, Payment Options, Events etc.


Virtual Passport Card

One click of a button Share Your Name and Business

On your own landing page

Website, Email, Pictures & Video Links

For consistent connection with Your Network

Engage and Grow Your Network on

The 9 App Social Media Tour

FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter,

LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Clubhouse & Wisdom App.

Book your appointments through your booking App.

The ways to engage are endless

Your customized QR code is on your picture &

your Virtual Passport card.

Easy access to unite with your network with one click

of the camera from any smartphone or tablet

Your Virtual Passport is a professional way to present yourself &

your business. No more having to keep up with paper business cards!


Salonna Rich Unites



We will be Amplifying the voice

of your message on

The Salonna Rich Unites Show.

 You’ll have a 5 min announcement about you & your business!!

 The podcast is recorded with 5 panelists.

 We will be changing the algorithm on social media and reaching the multitudes!!

 This Show  has Broadband to reach 93 countries!!! 


You'll receive a Digital  Announcement Flyer

with You & the other 5 Panelist

With a QR Code for the Podcast

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A Short Promotional Video


Producing affordable
Social Media
Internal Use 
Visual is Valuable
Video Influences Decisions
Video Boost Sells
Social Media Loves Video
Video Increases Email Open Rates
Video Is King!

Customized Digital Flyer


Announcing The Podcast.

Bringing the images of each

powerful entrepreneur together.

With the QR code from the podcast episode.

 There is favor on your face & money in your message!

Sharing is Caring

Your Virtual Passport

Gives You
Access to Expand Your
Network Growing Your

It's a Stamped Badge of Honor!!

To say your committed to growing your busines and

that you're united with a powerful network.

You'll receive a Digital Virtual Passport

with Your Picture &

QR Code to Your Rich Digital Card

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