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Virtual Passport Program

Your Benefits:

  1. We will be Launching The 9 Social Media App Tour Taking Your Business Announcement and Exploring YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, ClubHouse, Twitter & Wisdom App. The 9 App Social Media Tour was created to take your business message with 5 Entrepreneur's to Unite on 1 episode. Each business  individually shares their message.  Reaching a Multitude of Listeners!! In order to connect you to YOUR Community. Building your network & bridging your net worth

  2. The Virtual Passport Card with All of your links, pictures & videos etc. The ways to engage are endless. Your customized QR code is on your picture & your Virtual Passport card. Easy access to unite with your network with one click of the camera from any smartphone or tablet. Your Virtual Passport is a professional way to present yourself & your business. No more having to keep up with paper business cards!

  3.  A Thumbnail, photo with Your QR Code for Your Virtual Passport  Card 

  4. You will be a Co-Author & Your Business will be mentioned in The Evolving Entrepreneur’s E-Book Published by Salonna Rich

  5. Your business will be highlighted on The Online Business Directory check out SalonnaRichUnites.com

  6. Your business message will be featured on The Salonna Rich Unites Show (Podcast). The Show is Available for Listening on... SalonnaRichUnites.com, Apple I-Tunes, Stitcher, Libsyn, Amazon, I-Heart, Spotify, Network app, Listing, Play FM, Podcast Page, Sound Cloud & Web Player. Now reaching 93 Countries Worldwide!!

  7. A Short Promotional Video Producing affordable. Broadcast. For Social Media. Visual is Valuable. Video Influences Decisions. Video Boost Sells. Social Media Loves Video. Video Increases Email Open Rates. Video Is King!

  8. A Digital  Announcement Flyer with You & the other 5 Panelist with a QR Code for the Podcast 

  9. Your Virtual Passport Gives You Access to Expand Your Network Growing YourNet-worth!! It's a Stamped Badge of Honor!! To say your committed to growing your business and that you're united with a powerful network. You'll receive a Digital Virtual Passport with Your Picture & QR Code to Your Rich Digital Card

 To Know 

  • This is a business advertising tax write off as well  

  •  This is a paid subscription web-site. $100.00 1 time fee For 1 year. From the day you sign up                            


  • Connecting You to a Strong Network of  Committed, Courageous, Creative Entrepreneurs. Building Your Network Bridges Your Net worth!!

  • The goal is to reach 50,000 Entreprenuers on the  Directory. By Faith That would yield Millions of Listeners. That potentially can be your leads, prospects and or customers